Our Guide to Cake Toppers

After tastings, colour scheming and the world’s most delicious Pinterest board, you have your cake. But the threat of those mini Mr and Mrs are sending you into a total panic. Now it’s time to eliminate those fears and open your eyes to the new, wonderful world of cake toppers!

Floral Toppers
For a classic wedding with beautiful flower arrangements and floral centre pieces, floral cake toppers are the ones for you! They will slot into your wedding and its theme beautifully and you, of course, have a wealth of stunning colours to play with.
Bonus: Go gourmet; candied petals or edible flowers mean you’ll have no worries about protecting the cake from any earthy flavours!

A personal favourite of mine, silhouette toppers are oh-so-elegant and perfect for a modern bride with a penchant for monochrome!
It is the modern twist on those traditional figurines, and there are so many options; full figures, portraits, rings, the list goes on!
Bonus: Make it personal; you and your future Mr or Mrs could have silhouettes of yourselves done to make your topper totally unique.


A simple ‘Mr & Mrs’, a playful ‘Yay’ or a celebratory ‘Congratulations’, you can send a message with your topper. It’s as simple as that, and they can adapt to suit any venue, style or theme through your choice of wording, colouring and fonts!
Bonus: Go one step further and add some excitement with a sparkler message!

Bunting and Tassels
Flags, bunting, tassels, you can use a lovely little garland to top your cake in the most whimsical fashion! It’s quite simple, this one will suit you or it won’t, no in between! The styling lends itself to pastel shades and is just adorable, especially for a marquee venue.

We hope we’ve helped you see the light and have welcomed you to the wonderful world of wedding cake toppers!


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