Behind the Scenes with Tori

Sunday 1st February 2015
The Truly Marvellous Weddings Model and Dancer Casting Call

9.00am It’s an even earlier start than last time and an even bigger hall, as this week… we’re dancing! So obviously there’s no hope of looking like Cheryl, but in my dance kit I’m thinking I may work as Louie Spence’s backing dancer…

9.30am It’s time for Caroline and I to set up registration put the signs out and get the refreshments ready, and with our little helpers we’re done in no time. Ready to welcome our 40+ auditionees!


10.30am Vikki from Dove Models has arrived and our panel is now complete. We’ve caught up and are all raring to go!

11.00am Registration is roaring, almost all budding models are here! Forms filled, numbers assigned, full shots taken…

11.30am Intros done. It is time to walk.

12.00pm In groups of five they’ve given sass even Queen Bey would envy (maybe) and our budding flower girls have made everyone ‘aww’ to their hearts content. So it’s time to pump up the volume and get our dancing shoes on. (X Factor voice over style) IT’S THE DANCE AUDITIONS.


12.40pm They’ve learnt it…danced all together…then danced in small groups…I’m panting.

13.00pm My breath is back and face less pink, we’ve seen them strut one last time. It’s farewell to our auditionees and decision time over at the panel. Okay so it’s less of a panel and more of a table. But hey we have head shots to slide around just like they do on the telly!…


13.30pm  It’s been unbelievably difficult but the decisions have been made. We have our Truly Marvellous Models. What a day.


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