Supplier Showcase – Caroline Gould Weddings


Sum up CAROLINE GOULD WEDDINGS in three words….?

Bespoke, stylish, organised


I’m a recent winner of The Wedding Industry Award for Best Independent Planner in the UK. I provide a bespoke package for happy couples planning their big day, I offer both full and partial wedding planning, as well as on-the-day co-ordination to ensure couples and their guests are left with wonderful memories. Endorsed by many happy clients and providing extensive knowledge of events management, my ever-expanding client portfolio is testament to my hard work and passion for the wedding planning industry.  Find out more in my promo film:

What makes CAROLINE GOULD WEDDINGS Truly Marvellous?

I’ll defer to one of my clients for this one:

Caroline’s performance on our wedding day was outstanding. Her knowledge and confidence allowed us to enjoy our day without having any stress at all. With a “Yes” attitude, Caroline managed our day without any hiccups at all – even when we had extra guests arrive at the last minute (not to forget how she gave our MC some last minute advice, found missing parents for speech time, and managed the timing and setting of our flash mob). Finding Caroline online was such a blessing. What a star!

Ri & Rob

What is your advice to couples choosing a wedding PLANNEr?

Inviting a wedding planner to become involved in one of the most precious and private times of your life can be hard to imagine. But as any husband or wife will tell you, the complexities of organising your big day can and often do overwhelm the most organised of people.

Although you are probably knee-deep in wedding magazines, dreaming about the moment you see your beaming other-half waiting for you at the end of the aisle, the reality of organising your dream wedding can be, or become a veritable nightmare. From different dietary requirements to sourcing specific blooms of flower to compliment the entire theme of the day, planning an entire wedding is no mean feat.  Outsourcing these and other aspects of your wedding to a planner can alleviate you of these responsibilities and leave you with more time to make other decisions and actually enjoy planning your wedding.

I would suggest meeting at least three wedding planners.  You will be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner and it’s really important that you get on.  I always offer my clients a complimentary consultation so that we can meet up and talk through everything before we get started.  The consultation is followed by a formal quotation and then (hopefully) we get started with the planning!


Where is your favourite place in Suffolk?

I have two children; Darcey is 7 and Rufus is (almost) 4.  Our favourite thing to do as a family is a trip to Felixstowe.  We love a walk along the prom followed by a cuppa and delicious scone at The Little Ice Cream Co (not just ice cream!).  In the summertime the rest of  the family come too and we can often be found on a sunny Sunday afternoon with a picnic on Brackenbury cliffs watching my husband Mat flying his kite (his biggest is 5 metres so it’s quite a sight!).





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