Supplier Showcase – The Bridal Lounge



Sum up the bridal lounge in three words….?

Personal, friendly and choice.

Tell us a little bit about what you do…

Weddings are such an exciting time; watching two people, totally in love getting married…

After helping friends and family arrange their weddings, I was drawn into the beautiful world of weddings and went about setting up The Bridal Lounge. I wanted to provide each bride with a unique service, as individual as they are. Each year I visit the different designers, such as Stephanie Allin and Maria Senvo, and pick out new dresses from their new collection. It’s so impressive how creative they are and I like seeing what new materials they use.


What makes the bridal lounge Truly Marvellous?

I try my best to get to know every bride, so I can help them choose the perfect dress. It is truly marvellous when they ‘style’ their dress by adding accessories from belts to pieces of lace from their mums dress.

What is your advice to a bride choosing a dress?

Above all, shopping for your wedding dress should be fun and trying on different shapes is a great place to start. Be open minded when trying on different shapes. I love making suggestions to brides on what I think they will look amazing in. If you have got curves, like most of us girls have been ‘blessed’ with- show them off in a fishtail, mermaid or column dress. Think about your venue, if there are lots of steps an A-line shape will give you more space to move. You might want to consider your theme, if your having a rustic, outdoor affair, a floaty-ethereal dress would be perfect. If you are getting married on a beach in the sunshine, an empire dress with a little or no train may be an idea.

Charlotte 5

Find out more about The Bridal Lounge on their website:


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