Tori’s Diary – Final Preparations for The Truly Marvellous Wedding Fair

With less than 2 weeks to go until The Truly Marvellous Wedding Fair, it’s ‘all systems go’ at Truly Marv HQ! Today’s diary is jam-packed with prep for The Truly Marvellous Wedding Fair…we’ve had fashion show rehearsals, marquees being set up, staging installed, road signs distributed, model fittings and plenty of exciting arrivals ready for the fair.

A glorious April day (so good it needed an ice-cream stop!) saw team Truly Marv travel the county spreading the word about the fair! Hammers-in-hand we crossed Suffolk delivering our gorgeous new road signs – keep an eye out and give us a Tweet when you spot one! – and fabulous leaflets to keep you lovely lot in-the-know about our Truly Marvellous fair!

Truly Marv 20153

Next it was Marquee time. The wonderful team at Kenton Hall Estate took on the challenge and up the marquee went…team Truly Marv were ever so busy, all the heavy lifting seemed to have been done by the time our schedules cleared…pity!

But with the marquee in place, it was our turn to do some heavy lifting as the staging for the fashion show was delivered! This year’s fashion show is going to be the best yet, not to mention the biggest. Which means it’s a bigger stage for our 40 models, so they can strut their stuff!

Truly Marv 20154

Which leads me nicely on to our Truly Marv rehearsals. Our gorgeous boys and girls made their way to Kenton Hall Estate to learn the routines, practice their walks and get to know their Truly Marv family all in time for the fair. We had couples’ routines, adorable bridesmaids, mothers of the brides and grooms all working hard and looking Truly Marv! We even had the lovely Vikki from Dove Models join us again, giving our models her top tips and bringing her expertise!

So it’s ‘go, go, go’ for The Truly Marvellous Fair as the countdown continues. We’ll see you at Kenton Hall Estate on Sunday 3rd May, 10am – 4pm!


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